ISO Certification

QureMed holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification. We gained this certification to improve our efficiency and effectiveness in all our company operations. QureMed has been independently audited and a review of our management systems assure our process of standards conform to specific requirements. The management system governing the provision of the product and service is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Quality Policy 


Our quest:

It is our philosophy to nurture an ongoing relationship with our clients ensuring both parties prosper, develop and profit.  We cannot fulfill this goal without the ongoing support of the company's most valuable resource, our employees. It is only through teamwork and collective strength that we can stimulate the kind of quality product and superior service that results in long-term customer satisfaction.


Our service philosophy:

The standard we have set for ourselves in serving our customers is to provide good reliability of products, openness and accessibility of our product specifications, remedial action when things go wrong, effective communication, empathy with our customers and value for money.


Expected standards for all types of medical products:

Expected standards have been set by regulatory bodies for medical products, addressing their safety and performance aspects.


Our aim:

Continual focus on the effective growth and stability of the Company by meeting our financial plans;

To maintain ISO 9001:2015 principles and build stronger customer focus;

To put in place appropriate Company governance structures.

Continual focus on the development of our staff to stay abreast of new technology in the market place.

To strive for continual improvement of our system and processes to enhance customer satisfaction.


The quality policy principals shall be reviewed periodically and subject to change, as modern and technological advances demand.



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