• CRP & Defibrillator Access Key to Resuscitation Success Rates

    POSTED ON 22 March 2016 defibs.jpg

    The Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation have release a range of new guidelines which refine the best practice for resuscitation. Early defibrillation combined with CPR can improve survival rates to as high as 74% when defibrillation is provided within three minutes of collapse. For every minute that is wasted, the chance of survival decreases 7-10%. See the full list of guidelines.

  • QureMed Expands Across Australia

    POSTED ON 23 December 2015 Map_australia

    Our service technicians have been exploring a range of destinations across Australia, from the beach resort town of Broome to the Dusty Gold town of Kalgoorlie and then finally to Sydney to ensure our technicians have the latest knowledge and expertise in the field.