Hydration December

POSTED ON 03 December 2013

If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated!

THORZT is a specially formulated hydration drink which is Australian made with extreme conditions in mind. This is a great tasting product with a scientifically proven mix of amino acids and low Gi carbohydrates for sustained energy release, combined with a blend of electrolytes for the optimum hydration for Australian conditions. The range also includes the sugar free thorzts giving you the added benefits of electrolytes without the calories. THORZT replenishes lost electrolytres that can not be replaced by drinking water alone. Prepare for the rising temperatures and extreme conditions that summer is bringing.

THORZT pronounced TH-OR-ST. Like Thirst!

Thorzt recently became the offical drink sponser for the Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) 2013.  Held in Perth this competition saw mining companies put their emergency response skills to the test and compete again one another to take out the ultimate prize. Throughout the day the competitors were kept hydrated and alert with the help of thorzt.

Reduce your workplace risks with THORZT. When working in extreme conditions, such as mine sites and remote locations it is common for workers to experience sweat rates of 1L/hr when working in the sun. If the workers are geared up in protective clothing then the sweat loss can reach over 2L/hr.  Dehydration is a real concern for medics up on site and these worries can be easier solved with the help of THORZT.

Thortz Man

Range includes:

THORZT solo shot 4g Sachets

  • These should be mixed with 800ml of water (perfect amount to fit in a water bottle).
  • The sachets come in packets of 50, in range of flavours from orange, blue lemonade, strawberry, pineapple and the five fruits multi pack.

THORZT Multishot 32g Sachets

  • These should be mixed with 4 litres of water (perfect for cooler bottles)
  • These sachets come in eaches in the full range of flavours.

THORZT Shot Load 167g Sachets

  • These should be mixed with 20L of water (perfect for when large amount of hydration are required).
  • These sachets come individual sachets and can be purchased in the full range of flavours.


Click here to see our range on offer: /products-equipment/diagnostic-treatment/electrolyte-replacement/

See below for the hydration information. If your urine matches the colours numbered 1-3 then you are hydrated, but continue to drinking THORZT to stay that way. If your urine matches numbers 4-8 then you are dehydrated and will bee to drink for THORZT to hydrate and replace your lost electrolytes.  With every order in December and January let us know if you would like a free Hydration poster shipped with your order.

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