Mine Emergency Rescue Competition 2014

POSTED ON 06 May 2014

Surface Mine Emergency Response Competition 2014

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CMEWA) hosted the 2014 annual Surface Mine Rescue Competition in Kalgoorlie on May 2-3. This years competition was made even more realistic by Focus Mineral who opened their doors at their Coolgardie Operations which has been suspended since July 2013. This is the first time in a number of years that the event has been held at an actual mine site. This enabled the teams to showcase their rescue skills in a controlled and real environment.


Teams are faced with nine challenging events including team skills, confined space rescue, hazardous chemicals, first aid, incident management scenarios and a theory assessment.

The competing teams battle with lack of space including staged hysterical volunteer patients and multiple casualties of varying degrees of injury. The competition organisers went all out to create realistic situations for the teams to encounter. Make up work of realistic looking wounds and performances from volunteers helped to portray true and compelling situations for the rescue teams to encounter.

Baseline Group were appointed the confined space scenario manager for the competition, being in charge of designing and managing the scenario for this year's challenge. They are a company that specialise in providing remote security, medical and rescue services to the Mining, Construction, Energy and Marine industries. This includes the provision of highly qualified personnel, support equipment and vehicles as well as training for both onshore and offshore projects.

Baseline invited our very own General Manager Graeme Wing to take part in all the action. Graeme was there to help adjudicate the First Aid component of the confined space rescue scenario.  The scenario involved a mine worker who fell while conducting a mill check and was injured and unconscious. The rescue teams were judged on their ability to extract the casualty in a safe and efficient manner. All the teams set a high standard with everyone getting involved in friendly competition.

A big thank you goes out to Baseline for letting QureMed get involved in such a great event.

Mine Rescue Comp

Graeme's view for the day while judging the first aid component of the confined space rescue shows the unconscious casualty awaiting treatment.

Seven teams competed to show their knowledge and experience in responsiveness to react to real life mining emergency situations. The teams were down this year which reflected the economic conditions effecting mining showcasing that mines are cutting costs where they can. Emergency Response budgets should not be a place for these cuts though.

Participating Teams included:

Congratulations to KCGM Team 1 for taking out the overall honour for best team, followed by La Mancha Resources in second place and KCGM Team 2 in 3rd place.

Well done to all the participating teams. All involved gained invaluable experience in training and building up their team's skills and confidence ensuring they are ready for challenging situations.

Scenarios are designed on real incidents, actual or near misses. The realism of the situations comes from years of experience in mine rescue from the event managers. Although presented as a competition the event is a very important training exercise for the participating teams, who come away as more competent rescuers.

QureMed would like to thank all involved for the opportunity to take part in this great event and again a big congratulations to all the rescue teams.