Perth 400 V8 Supercars with Medical Air & Wilson Medic One

POSTED ON 22 May 2014

Rescue drills and helicopter flights all in a days work for QureMed.

Last weekend our General Manager Graeme Wing got the chance to ride along with Medical Air and Wilson Medic One in the Westpac Life Saver Rescue helicopter. The helicopter was headed to the Barbagello raceway in Wanneroo to be on standby for the Perth 400 V8 Supercars which was held from May 16th-18th.


Preparing the helicopter for rescue drills with the full team

Graeme was able to witness rescue drills on the chopper and see how all the equipment and processes went down. The team headed off as the sun was rising and it was a full day of monitoring the V8 Supercars event.

Chopper 6

Graeme perfectly staged in the background showcasing the Corpuls Defibrillator used in the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter

Westpac Chopper

Graeme all geared up to fly off in the helicopter



The team finally headed off as the sun was setting and it was a full day of monitoring at the V8 Supercars event.

The Westpack Rescue Helicopter is the longest serving search and rescue helicopter service in the world. Responding to emergency incidents across the greater metropolitan area, the helicopter cruises at an average speed of 240km/h for a maximum endurance of 160 minutes.

Riding along with the Westpac Helicopter is the Corpuls Monitoring Defibrillator Unit. An entirely new and revolutionary design concept compared with traditional compact defibrillator/monitor devices.


Corpuls Monitoring Unit

It is designed as a complete modular system and can be split into the following:

  • Monitoring Unit
  • Patient Box
  • Defibrillator/Pacer Unit

This means unrivalled ergonomics, functionality and flexibility.

Product Highlights:

  • The constant and immediate feedback of corpatch CPR ensures high quality CPR
  • Intuitive user interfaces enables fast diagnosis
  • Uninterruptable monitoring from the EMS site into the hospital
  • Large 8.4" colour display with individually configurable display views
  • Monitor screen is tiltable at a 30° angle for optimum visibility
  • Usage under extreme conditions possible (operating temperature -20°C to +55°C)
  • Ingenious energy management
  • Tested monitoring solutions for every scenario

To find out more information about this product give us a call or email us now.

Thank you again to Medical Air, Wilson Medic One and the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopters for allowing Graeme to ride along.