QureMed Service Team Takes Flight

POSTED ON 06 November 2013

Our skilled team of service technicians have been off servicing a range of exotic and remote locations recently.

One of our service technicians Rod has travelled via Darwin to the Timor Sea Oil & Gas fields via the Truscott Airbase. This is located in the most northern region of WA. Rod serviced and inspected a range of base camp medical and biomedical equipment. The site is located 500km offshore from Darwin in the Timor Sea. Accessing the drill platforms via floatinmg process ships and helicopters is the only way to travel to these remote location. Extensive safety procedures and checks are required for all our service tecnhicians before and during any of these trips.

Timor Sea

Map of Timor Sea, Oil & Gas fields off Darwin.

Each vessel houses a comprehensive medical room with medical equipment suited to the harsh and dangerous environment. The service is usually conducted in the main medical center but our techs are sometimes required to service equipment in the rescue chambers around the facilities. An escort is required throughout the vessel if any person is entering the engine room and a MSIC card is used to navigate throughout the facility at all times.


Hellicopter preparing for take off - Travelling to the floating ships off East Timor.

Restricted areas and airtravel, just another normal day for the QureMed team.

This is the most remote area in the world that QureMed has serviced so far.

Our team of technicians are keen to explore a range of environments and locations and are trained and ready to take on any servicing challenge that comes our way.

Our service manager Leonard was away on a two week venture off Exmouth, servicing the Stybarrow and Pyrenees FPSO Ventures run by BHP. The floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel are located 65km, and 45km off the coast of exmouth respectively. This job took approximately 2 weeks to complete while being exposed to a range of rescue drills and safety exercises during the servicing and maintaining a range of medical gas and emergency equipment.


Exmouth Marina.


FPSO Stybarrow Venture MV16 - 65km off Exmouth.


FPSO Pyrenees Venture - 45km off Exmouth.

Our next scheduled job is a 21 day trip North-East to the Goldfields to service a range of mine sites from Murrin Murrin, through to Kalgoorlie and surrounds. This trip will cover approximately 10 sites and the medical gasses and equipment in the mines will be inspected and serviced to ensure optimal safety and quality assurance. In the past our technicians have been down 485m servicing equipment in rescue chambers. Due to the depth and pressure changes, monitors and masks are somethimes required while carrying out the service due to the unstable and dangerous conditions


Murrin Murrin Joint Venture - Nickel-cobalt mining operating in North Eastern Goldfields.


Kalgoorlie super pit open-cut gold mine, 3.6km long, 1.6km wide, 512m deep.

We are always keen to explore, take on challenging new opportunites and see where our next job might take us.

Customers at QureMed can be confident of ongoing support and the opportunity to have access to technical informationa nd maintenaince requirments. This business has been buiilt on strong customer relations and working to the expectations and needs of our clients. QureMed provides preventative maintenance of Biomedical Gas Equipment throughout Australia. We understand our customers and often travel to a range of servicing sites and locations dependent on what equipment needs servicing.