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Cholestech LDX Capillary Tubes 40uL

$37.72 inc. GST

The Capillary Tubes are used to draw up the appropriate amount of blood needed to conduct testing. 

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For use in conjunction with the Capillary Plungers. The Capillary Tube is used to hold the whole blood sample while the Capillary Plunger is used to push the sample out of the Capillary Tube onto the test cassette.

Contents: 50 Capillary Tubes (40uL)
For Use With: Alere Cholestech LDX Analyzer
Storage Requirements: 59° – 86° F
Sample Volume: 40uL

The 40uL Capillary Tube is compatible for use with the following LDX test cassettes: Lipid+Glucose, Lipid Profile, TC-HDL-Glucose, TC-HDL, TC-Glucose, and TC.