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ER Cooling Vest

$1,980.00 inc. GST

The Emergency Resuscitation Cooling Vest 

Emergency Resuscitation (ER) Vest is the only EFFECTIVE and IMMEDIATE on-site treatment of heatstroke and heat-related illness. The ER Vest provides the worlds first immediate core body cooling and critical intervention in less than 5 minutes. Patented and born from military technology! Protect your workers from heatstroke and heat-related illness by securing your ER Vest today.

The sooner the cooling treatment can be applied, the better chance of survival your patient has.

The Defibrillator for Heatstroke!

Download ER Vest Brochure 

Download Heatstroke FAQ

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  • Weighing only 3kg - the ER Vest has the power to reduce a person's core body temperature from fatal (above 41 degrees) back down to 37.5 degrees.
  • Able to be used in transport, including air travel and emergency evacuations.
  • No straps or buckles are required - simply lay directly over the patient.
  • Quick and simple to administer.
  • Minimal training is required.
  • Treatment duration 1 hour.

  • Weighs 3kg before adding water
  • Single-Use
  • 5 Year Expiry from date of manufacturer 
  • Free replacement within expiry, on condition that all data and incident reporting is returned to the seller/manufacturer. Conditions apply.