Beaty - CPR Feedback Device

Beaty - CPR Feedback Device



Beaty - There when you need it most.

Used for effective compressions of cardiac patients 8 years and above. 
Beaty is a real time CPR feedback device that is designed for lay rescuers.
Did you know that effective bystander CPR can triple the chance of survival?
It is recommended to compress to a depth of 5cms or one third of the chest, which is nearly impossible to gauge accurately, even for a trained rescuer.
Beaty works by providing audio feedback for exactly how effective your compression's are.
Great addition to your first aid kit, AED carry case or add it your keyring or belt! 
Always read the label and refer to full instructions for use and adhere to Australian resuscitation standards. 
  • Simply apply to the patient’s chest and start compressing.
  • Beaty was created by a team of doctors and engineers who wanted to make something smart, simple and affordable that could help save lives.
  • What makes Beaty so good for lay rescuers? Simplicity – No buttons or displays. Dimensions –  Fits in your pocket. Affordable – less than $50.00



  • Beaty is designed for real-time CPR on a real person. As some manikins differ from human skeletal structure as well as chest recoil, Beaty may not work properly on these manikins.
  • How long does that battery last? Beaty runs on a 3v lithium battery that can last for more than 5 years on standby mode or 15 hours of continuous CPR.
  • Beaty is a great addition to any first aid kit, AED carry case or even on your key ring.
  • Beaty should only be used on victims 8 years and older.
  • ARTG ID 317432