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HemoCue Hb 201+ Analyser

$2,237.40 inc. GST

Providing lab accuracy and ease of use, the HemoCue® Hb201+ System has become a standard in Hb point-of-care testing.

Healthcare providers around the world rely on the immediate results so they can make the right decisions when they need them most - right at the point of care.

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  • Dual-wavelength photometers correct for lipemia, leukocytosis and other sources of turbidity.
  • Any blood source (capillary, venous or arterial) can be used.
  • Break-resistant, disposable cuvette collects the exact amount of blood and mixes the sample with the reagents automatically.
  • Results appear on the display screen in less than one minute.
  • Stored data can be printed directly via an external printer or downloaded to a PC.
  • Performs an internal electronic self-test to verify the performance of the optronic unit when it is turned on, and repeats the test every second hour if it remains on.
  • Each unit is factory calibrated using the ICSH reference method.

Operating Temperature Range: 15 to 30°C

Sample Size: 10µL