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Lille Suprem Fit Bariatric

$200.13 inc. GST

All-in-one bariatric briefs are specifically designed to manage moderate to heavy incontinence in bariatric patients. The elastic side panels can provide a waist size of up to 240cm and the resealable tabs hold the brief together under pressure. The soft fabric and breathable zones ensure comfort and maximise skin integrity for the user.

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  • 2238ml Capacity 
  • 254cm Waist circumference 
  • XXL Size 
  • These all in one briefs have a non woven top layer, an absorbent pad with a super absorbent core and a breathable, waterproof backing.
  • These briefs feature soft elastic side panels with two resealable tapes on each side.

Sold in 4 pkts of 10