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Recovery Stretcher (Total) & Bag


The only recovery stretcher which can be stored in a back pack when not in use. It guarantees a notable degree of immobilization, protection and safety for the patient. It substitutes the traditional rescue or basket stretchers and is guaranteed excellent performance.

Particularly suitable for rescue situations in cramped environments or in adverse conditions. Due to its compactness, functionality and durability it is used by and for:

  • Fire Brigades
  • Armed Forces
  • Navy
  • Mountain rescue
  • Water rescue
  • Mines
  • Caves
  • Building sites
  • Industries

- +

  • Stretcher
  • Belts for towing and lifting
  • A system of belts for the assembling of the stretcher and subsequently folding before replacing it in the bag
  • A system of additional handles for the transport of heavy patients by four or eight operators
  • Aluminium spring catches to allow for lifting
  • Hoisting harness in nylon
  • Transport bag in nylon Ripstop

Dimensions: 970 x 3 x h2430 mm
Weight: 6 kg