Dear Valued Customers,

As a direct result of the unprecedented market demand and disruption to the global supply chain due to the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak there are shortages and general disruption to Healthcare related products.

QureMed would like to reach out to our customers and give reassurance that we have been working closely with our suppliers to secure limited stock based off current usage forecasting and demand.

Our commitment is to supply to our best ability. As this is a global crisis, being able to provide assurances is difficult as we are relying on our overseas manufacturers. We request orders continue to be placed in a timely manner. If a higher frequency in ordering is anticipated, please notify as early as possible in order that we may increase the forecast depending on the demand.

We will work on delivering your products as quickly as possible but ask that you are patient with us during this time.


Please read our full statement regarding our supply chain HERE

Please read our full statement regarding our COVID-19 action plan HERE.

Kind regards,