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QureMed is an expert at supplying to the marine & shipping industry.

QureMed focuses on meeting the medical requirements of the marine industry including patrol and rescue operations, shipping, fishing & aquaculture, tourism and recreational boating and diving. Our team are able to restock your marine medical kits including consumables, rescue equipment and pharmaceuticals (in accordance with government regulations). 

With our proven experience and track record for supplying on time, along with our sophisticated logistics centre we ensure our clients vessels are prepared for operation.

The Health Departments in each State and Territory provide advice on the process for commercial vessel Masters and Chief Officers to obtain restricted drugs for the purpose of restocking first aid kits and medical cabinets. Please contact the Department of Health in your respective state to confirm their particular requirements.

Download and view our ORDER FORMS for Marine first aid kits, DMAC scale kits, PAX Resus Kits, as well as viewing Marine first aid kit requirements. 

Marine & offshore vessel medical supplies Australia - QureMed


Have questions? Get in touch with our QureMed team by filling out the form at the bottom of the page or calling us on 1300 787 379.