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  • Clinic Set Up

    First Aid Room & Medical Centre Set Ups.

  • Information For Poison Permit Holders

    WA Department of Health Information and Guidelines for Poison Permit Holders.

  • Guidelines For Poison Permit Holders And Onsite Staff

    Guidance For Permit Holders and On-Site Staff.

  • Australian Maratime Safety Authority Medical Requirements

    Medical Carriage Requirments on Regulated Australian Vessels.

  • Guidance Notes For Medical Facilities Aboard Vessels

    Guiance Notes on Medical Facilties Aboard Ships by Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

  • Regulations For Prescribing S8s In WA

    Regulations for the Prescribing, Storage, Recording Monitoring & Disposing of Schedule 8 Medicines in WA.

  • Storage And Recording Of Restricted Schedule 4 Medicines

    Guideline on Storage and Recording of Restricted Schedule 4 (S4R) Medicines in WA.

  • Vaccines - Prescribing And Administering Guidelines

    Pharmaceutical Services Branch Guidance Note on Prescribing and Administration of Vaccines in WA.

  • Quick Clinical Guidelines For The Use Of Opioids In Chronic Non-Malignant Pain

    Provide Guidelines to GPs About the Medical Treatment of Chronic (Non-Malignant) Pain Using Opioid Drugs.