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AccuChek Guide Me Meter

$21.35 inc. GST
SKU MEDV932191

Simple and easy way to measure blood sugar levels. 

Checking your blood glucose doesn’t have to get in the way of your life. The Accu‑Chek Guide Me system is designed for quick, accurate1,2 testing, so you can get your number without giving it a second thought. The Accu‑Chek Guide Me system is designed to be simply easy for quick, accurate testing.

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Large , easy-to-read display. Simply see test results.

Proven accuracy - fulfills the EN ISO standard 15197:2015 and delivers even tighter 10/10 accuracy1,2

Automatically log results to your phone. Quickly track blood sugar, meals and more on the mySugr app

Wide test strip dosing area just a small drop of blood

Spill resistant vial designed to hold strips tightly in place

76 x 48 x 16 mm (LWH)

43 g (with batteries)

Blood sample size:

0.6 μl


720 diary records and 30 control results

Test averages:

7, 14, 30, 90 days