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AccuChek Instant Blood Glucose Strips - Box 50

$21.80 inc. GST
SKU MEDV595888

Used with with the brand new Accuchek Instant S glucometer to monitor blood glucose level. 

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  • Easy-edge blood dosing: Need to apply only a small sample anywhere on the wide yellow edge of the test strip dosing area (designed to make it easy to apply small sample drop on the strip edge).
  • Sample claims: Has the ability to sample all types of blood including Capillary/Venous/Arterial/Neonate.
  • Result-accuracy: Provides accurate results in just a few seconds fulfilling the requirements of ISO 15197: 2013/EN ISO 15197: 20154 & meents even tighter accuracy.
  • Required "no coding": These Accu Chek strips do not require manual coding procedure.

How to use:
Insert a blood glucose strip in the meter
- Apply a small blood sample anywhere along the wide, yellow edge of the strip
Read the blood glucose result on the large display of the glucometer

Box 50 Strips