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Acticoat Flex 3 Dressing

$266.20 inc. GST
SKU QMDSMI66800398

Acticoat Flex is an effective antimicrobial barrier dressing consisting of a single layer of knitted polyester and coated in nanocrystalline silver. 

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  • Sustained (3 day) antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of wound pathogens including MRSA & Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Rapidly kills bacteria in as little as thirty minutes.
  • Soft and highly flexible with stretch properties.
  • Allows exudate transport through the dressing.

  • Acticoat Flex is not compatible with oil-based products, such as petrolatum.
  • Avoid contact with electrodes or conductive gels during electronic measurements e.g. EEG and ECG.
  • For external use only, for example do not apply the dressing to exposed organs.
  • Acticoat Flex should only be used on premature infants (less than 37 weeks gestation) when the clinical benefit outweighs the potential risks.
  • Acticoat Flex is not intended to provide sole treatment for infected wounds. Acticoat Flex may be used on infected wounds which are being managed per local clinical protocol.