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Adaptic Dressing Non-Adherent 7.6x7.6cm

$79.82 inc. GST

Designed to Protect Fragile Tissue in Wounds, Minimizing Pain & Trauma. 

ADAPTIC™ Non-Adhering Dressing Protects the wound minimises pain and maceration. ADAPTIC™ Non-Adhering Dressing is a primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate mesh, impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion, making it easy to remove, thus minimising pain.

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  • The knitted cellulose acetate fabric mesh impregnated with a petrolatum emulsion is intended as a primary dressing to be used with a secondary dressing.
  • Mesh allows for exudate to pass easily through to a secondary absorbent dressing, helping to prevent maceration of the wound surface and minimizing the risk of pooling.
  • Knitted cellulose acetate fabric allows ADAPTIC™ Dressing to be cut to wound size without unravelling or shredding.
  • ADAPTIC™ Non-Adhering Dressing removes cleanly from the wound, minimising trauma and pain1  during dressing changes.
  • In turn, this reduces the risk of tissue adherence to both ADAPTIC™ Dressing and the secondary dressing, and minimizes patient pain.

Suitable for use, under medical supervision, with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) for the protection of fragile wound structures. 

Size 7.6cm x 7.6cm 

Box 50