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Aspirator O-Two Systems

$877.80 inc. GST
SKU COM554052

O-Two Systems Aspirator 

The Statvac II Aspirator is a fast, effective and lightweight suction unit that is ideal in emergencies where portable sources of suction are required, in particular for suctioning out excessive quantities of fluid/particles from a patient’s mouth. The most common area of use is in portable resuscitation kits. 

  • The lightweight of the unit makes it easy to handle and lightens the load on resuscitation kits
  • Reliable and durable
  • On/off shuttle that controls the suction flow quickly and effectively in an emergency
  • The suction outlet connection is suitable for standard suction tubing
  • Receiver Jar capacity of 140 ml
  • Weighs approximately 300 grams 

- +

  • Oxygen 
  • 400kPa Inlet Pressure 
  • 300mmHg Negative Pressure at Maximum Setting 
  • 30 l/min Free Air Displaced 
  • Barbed Nipple to Suit Suction Tubing Outlet