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Avoset Connected Infusion Pump



The Avoset Multi-Therapy ambulatory infusion pump transforms home infusion with a compact and simplified technology that enhances the user experience. 

Proactive data-driven decisions can optimise patient outcomes, increase access to home infusion and improve quality of life by making home infusion delivery safe; possibly allowing more patients to receive therapy at home.

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  • Compact, lightweight device with long battery life that allows patient mobility. 
  • Effortless set up with easily clicked-in administration set designed for ease of use. 
  • Designed to deliver infusions accurately and consistently under a broad spectrum of operating conditions such as bag height, backpressure, fluid viscosity and catheter specifications. 
  • Connected by design for informed and proactive care which can lead to improved Designed to deliver infusions patient outcomes.
  • Versatile ambulatory pump with multi-therapy modes: Continuous, Intermittent, PCA and Taper



  • Dimensions 97 x 97 x 47 mm / 3,8” x 3,8” x 1,85”
  • Accuracy ± 5%
  • Weight 450 g / 15.9 oz including batteries
  • Battery type Rechargeable or alkaline 3 AA
  • Battery life Up to 280 hrs (1 mL/h)
  • Infusion Continuous, PCA, delivery modes Intermittent, Taper
  • Pump Mechanism Volumetric pump
  • Connectivity Bluetooth®
  • Ingress protection IP34
  • Flow rate 0.1 – 300 mL/h
  • Volume (VTBI) 0.1 – 9,999 mL