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Bacterial Filter Mini HME W/Port

$5.14 inc. GST
Offers the user a high efficiency HMEF for breathing systems in a clear housing for easy inspection on secretions.

Conical fittings in accordance with ISO standard ensure safe connection security.
  • >99.99% effective Bacterial/Viral Filter to prevent the spread of infectious particles into the circuits, machines and manual resuscitators.
  • Efficient humidification prevents moisture from collecting in the tubing.
  • Reduces potential colonization into the circuit and equipment.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-infection among patients and hospital staff.

- +

  • Eliminates the need for water traps and their maintenance.
  • Dry and filtered gas precent sampling tube and analyzers from moisture and colonization.
  • Initial set-up is simple, quick and secure.
  • Different options ensure the right choice of device.
  • Should be changed every 24 hours or more frequently if resistance increase.

Sold an an each.