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Bandage Gypsona Plaster of Paris

$7.85 inc. GST
SKU BSN87067535-S

Gypsona BP Plaster of Paris Bandages are made from a specially woven cloth, uniformly impregnated with the finest quality, fast setting plaster of Paris. The bandage is spooled on a round core for superior bandage stability. Moisture proof packaging improves the protection of the bandages.

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  • Rapid immobilisation of fractures
  • Leno cloth for improved conformability
  • Round cores for improved bandage handling
  • Low plaster loss
  • Rapid fracture immobilisation
  • The fast setting plaster of Paris used on Gypsona bandages means that fractures can be rapidly immobilised, especially important in accident and emergency departments, operating theatres and busy fracture clinics.
  • The interlocked weave of this cloth improves stability and conformability, to mould around awkward contours. The leno cloth also helps to minimise plaster loss.

Available in various sizes.