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Burnshield Dressing 20x20cm Hands Feet & Face

$18.71 inc. GST

This Burnshield® dressing is sterile, hydrogel (wet) and provides protection against burns and scalds caused by fire, steam, boiling water, chemicals, radiated heat, electricity or friction whether superficial, partial or full thickness.

Providing relief from the moment of application, the dressing provides physical protection against contamination and relief from pain as it starts to cool the burn area. It is non-toxic, non-irritant, anti-bacterial and non-adherent. Open cell foam is used, designed to hold the gel in place and allow heat dissipation.

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  • A foam dressing soaked in a sterile gel, supplied in a foil pouch suitable for face, hands or feet burns

  • Absorbs and dissipates heat providing relief, minimising shock and skin damage, halting the burning process

  • Dressings protect against further contamination

  • It is clear and easy to assess the wound, with the non-stick gel not adhering to wound.

  • It is a natural anti-bacterial, reducing infection as well as non toxic, non irritant and safe to use on children.

20x20cm Dressing