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CA-MI Suction Pump Askir 36BR With Battery

$990.00 inc. GST
SKU BIO-CAM-RE.410200/03

Powerful suction unit with AC/DC Adaptor and rechargeable battery. 

Suitable to be used for the aspiration of oral, nasal, body and tracheal fluids.
The lightweight, portable device can be powered with three options; mains AC/DC adapter, rechargeable battery or a 12V adapter, to provide non-stop suction at a maximum of 36L/min. 


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  • Easy-to-use aspirator
  • Suitable for nasal, oral, tracheal and bodily fluids
  • Variable suction control with vacuum meter and vacuum regulator
  • High vacuum (Up to 80kPa) & High flow
  • Easy-to-read suction dial with measurements in mmHg and kPa
  • Maximum suction speed of 36L/min
  • Acoustic and visual low battery level alarm
  • Suitable for non-stop operation without the risk of overheating
  • Large capacity 1000ml jar
  • Can be powered through mains power, rechargeable battery or 12V sockets
  • Rechargeable internal battery (Lead Acid Battery)
  • 4 hours for a full charge
  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Dimensions : 35cm x 21cm x 18cm
  • Product Weight: 2.50kg
  • Volume: 1L
  • Max Flow Rate: 36L/min
  • IP21(Ingress Protection)