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Combi Carrier II Scoop/Backboard


REVOLUTIONARY - Pateint handling just got better.

The CombiCarrier® II is the simplest and most ergonomic device on the market doubling up as a Backboard and Scoop Stretcher.

Working as a fully functional spinal immobilisation device, as well as a scoop stretcher and backboard, it allows for safe, easy extrication of injured patients. Its updated version further improves the inimitable 2-in-1 design of the original, and brings it fully up to date with a thinner, lower profile, allowing the whole board to fit inside all standard storage compartments.


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Design is everything with the CombiCarrier® II. The concave surface ensures patients’ lateral support and comfort, and its clear centre section makes it completely X-ray compatible, providing a clear view of the patient’s spine. It comes with four restraint straps, but no pesky bits and pieces like rivets or screws. Just a clean, minimal, brilliant design.

Its’s simple intuitive design minimises the training requirements of EMS and hospital personnel, and its lower profile fits in standard storage compartments. Start using a CombiCarrier® II now to make the extrication of patients easier. The revolutionary medical equipment saves on maintenance and replacement costs.


    • Simple design
    • Spinal immobilisation device
    • Also a scoop stretcher and backboard
    • X-Ray compatible

    • Auto-lock latch system

    • Concave patient surface

    • Continuous head support surface