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Cutan Moisturing Cream 1L Cartridge

$44.34 inc. GST
SKU SH6325

The Cutan Moisturising Cream is a mild dye-free and perfume-free. It’s non-greasy and completes the full suite of Cutan Skin Hygiene range. It contains a combination of emollients and conditioning ingredients to maintain healthy skin and reduce dryness.

USAGE: As recommended by WHO Hand Hygiene guidelines, use a moisturiser at least 3 times a shift to prevent dryness by replenishing the skin’s natural oils. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • Perfume-free and dye-free - Ideal for people who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes and who prefer products that do not have these added.
  • Non-greasy formula - Quickly absorbs into the skin to encourage appropriate usage without affecting dexterity with hand-held tools.
  • Compatible for use under gloves - Can be used when wearing latex or nitrile gloves to help keep the skin in good condition.
  • Contains glycerin and allantoin - Excellent combination of emollient and conditioning ingredients to help promote good skin conditioning.
  • Anti-irritant properties - Helps prevent irritation from moderately aggressive substances by soothing and moisturising.
  • Insulates and hydrates skin - Help the skin’s natural moisture to be retained and maintain healthy skin.
  • Hygienic cartridge with low product wastage - The cartridge and patented pump are ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process to protect the product. The pump is designed to prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use, thus minimising the risk of external contamination and maximising product evacuation with minimal unused product left behind.

1L Cartridge to be used with dispenser (must be purchased separately)