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Dressing Hydrocolloid

$7.25 inc. GST

Medstock Hydro is efficient and affordable elastic dressing made of pressure sensitive adhesive with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) hydrophilic granules that contribute to wound healing.

  • Excellent absorption capability for low exudate wounds.
  • When the thickness of the Medstock Hydro is 0.4mm thick:
  • Moisture Permeability: 0.34g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C Hygroscopic ability: 2.40g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C Hygroscopic capacity: 2.74g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C
  • Hygroscopic capability: 2.83g/24hrs/37°C pH 5.7 Acid and Alkali resistance pH 3-12.

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Facilitates debridement of wound. Swells in the presence of exudate, releasing a gel which maintains a moist environment. Reduces pain by keeping nerve endings moist. Waterproof, protecting wound from microbial invasion. Non-adherent and easy to remove. Suitable for low exudate wounds only. I-II degree bedsores. Superficial and small burns. Skin grafts, donor sites and surgical wounds. For granulating and epithelialising wounds. Suitable on necrotic tissue to rehydrate and facilitate debridement. Suitable as a retention dressing to hydrogels. Should not be used on infected wounds.

10x10cm - Sold as an each.