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EZ-IO G3 Power Driver

$1,101.57 inc. GST

The EZ-IO® G3 Power Driver provides immediate vascular access to the central circulation within seconds. This tool facilitates the controlled insertion of an intraosseous needle into the bone’s medullary cavity. The new EZ-IO® G3 Power Driver is the next generation of intraosseous technology from Teleflex.


  • Fast Access – immediate vascular access within 10 seconds
  • Tactical – sleek and compact design
  • Dependable – 10-year, maintenance free shelf life

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Product Attributes
  • Long-lasting lithium battery-power for 500 insertions
  • Battery Indicator: Green= Good, Flashing Red= 10% life
  • Trigger guard prevents accidental activation
  • Complements EZ-IO needle sets
  • Lightweight, compact, tactical black design
Clinical Benefits
  • Provides vascular access within 10 seconds
  • Multiple insertion sites with three needle sets
  • Standard Luer-Lock catheter for fast, easy removal
  • Provides clinician complete control with minimal force
  • Enables medical personnel to carry necessary components for multiple insertions with a fraction of the weight

Unit Dimensions

  • 4.5”x 6.5”x 2.5”