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Ferno Carbon Fibre Spineboard

$1,793.00 inc. GST

A lightweight Carbon Fibre Spineboard  combining unmatched strength, rigidity, flotation, ease of carry and comfort for patients.

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  • 14 large raised handholds provide great manual handling options.
  • Raised sides for easy hand grip access.
  • Smooth durable finish makes the Carbon Fibre Spineboard impervious to body fluids.
  • Quick cleaning and decontamination.
  • Strong, yet light in weight.
  • Buoyant for water rescues.
  • MRI and CT scan compatible.
  • X-Ray translucent.

Weight : 5kg

Capacity : 220kg

The Ferno 390CF spineboard is compatible with ambulance stretcher patient harnesses which allows full transportability of the patient from incident to hospital.