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Ferno EXL Scoop Stretcher w 3 Restraints

$3,196.69 inc. GST

The Ferno EXL Scoop is used to immobilise and lift patients in the position found to reduce the risk of further injury. Each blade of the scoop can be slid under the patient before they are joined and the patient lifted. They are particularly useful at accident scenes in lifting patients from the ground, or in transfers of some spinal injuries. Usually patients will then be secured on a Vacuum Mattress or standard stretcher for the remainder of transport.  Scoops can also be used to assist in extricating and manually moving patients from difficult terrain and in loading into charter aircraft in special situations.


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  • Ergonomically designed handles with optimum hand grip and angle.
  • Comes with three restraints.
  • Thermally-treated light-weight plastic that is easy to clean and resistant to temperature extremes for patient comfort.
  • Wide stretcher base allows for patient support with ease of engaging and releasing end clasps.
  • End clasps incorporate a unique triple latch for additional strength.

  • Min Length 165cm
  • Max Length 202cm
  • Folded Length 120cm
  • Width 43cm
  • Depth 7cm
  • Weight 7kg
  • Load limit 159kg