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Ferno Faststrap Restraint System

$396.26 inc. GST

The Fastrap Restraint System is a system of hook-and-loop fastening straps that provides quick restraint of a patient on a horizontal transport device such as a backboard or scoop stretcher.

The Fastrap is adjustable to accommodate pediatric and adult patients. Other features include color-coded straps for easy application, and a wrist restraint.

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Colour-coded webbing, prominent labelling and stiffening within the main skeleton of the restraint allows for rapid, hassle free application in patient immobilisation.

Load Limit : 454kg
Weight : 689g
  • Black V-strap: over the shoulders  - 79cm (Each Side)
  • Orange chest strap: across the chest - 168cm
  • Yellow pelvic strap: across the pelvis - 168cm
  • Green thigh strap: above the knees - 168cm
  • Gray ankle strap: near the ankles - 117cm