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I-Stat Printer

$1,066.15 inc. GST

The new i-STAT Printer which is used to print results from all models of the i-STAT 1 Analyser (handheld). 

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The following individual components are included in the i-STAT Printer Kit:

  •  i-STAT Printer
  • AC adapter
  • Power Cord
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • One roll of printer paper

  • Dimensions: Height: 72.5mm Width: 136.0mm Depth: 120.0mm
  • Weight:  500g (Approx.)
  • Power: 1. 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 2. Power adaptor for AC outlet
  • Communication Link: 1. Infra-red, 2. RJ12
  • Paper: 5.7cm thermal
  • Buttons: 1. On/Off 2. Paper Feed
  • LED Indicators: POWER: Green/Orange/Red STATUS: Green/Orange/Red
  • Printing Method: Thermal line printing
  • Printing Speed: Battery: Up to 10 lines per  second
                              AC Adaptor: Up to 2.5 lines per  second
  • Temperature Operating: 15ºC to 40ºC Storage: -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Printer Power Requirements: The printer is rated at:                                             
    • 12Vdc  • 1.5A max  • 18W
  • External Power Supply Unit  (PSU) The external PSU is rated at:                       
    • 100-240Vac • 50-60Hz
  • Fuses There are no operator replaceable fuses with the i-STAT Printer