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iCup 2 Drug Testing Pots

$719.24 inc. GST

The iCup Multi-Drug Instant Test Kit has been designed to meet the Australian Standard 4308:2008 requirements in terms of the drug classes tested and their respective cut-off levels.

One Step Operation With Split Specimen. Once the specimen is added to the cup, screwing on the cap initiates the test. No keys or activation steps are required.

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The iCup Multi-Drug Instant Test Kit includes adulteration tests:

  • • 6 Test Panel (Other Drug Combinations Available)
    • Screw Top Lid Eliminates Leaking
    • No Keys or Activation Steps
    • All Testing Components Included in Kit
    • In built Adulterant tests, including Creatinine
Drug Class Cut-off Levels ug/L
MOP - Opiates / Morphine 300
COC - Cocaine Metabolites 300
THC – Cannabis metabolites 50
AMP - Amphetamine 300
MET - Methamphetamine 300
BZO - Benzodiazepines 200