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Introcan IV Safety Cannula

$265.41 inc. GST
SKU BB4251717-03/50

Introcan Safety® is a peripheral IV catheter with a passive fully automatic needlestick protection. It is a single-use device to generate intravascular and tissue access to sample blood, monitor blood pressure, or administer fluids and blood intravascularly. Introcan Safety® is also indicated for subcutaneous infusion therapies and 300 PSI power injector applications (18-24G).

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  • Fully automatic passive Safety Shield which protects the needle tip to prevent needlestick injuries. No user activation required - no buttons, twists or clicks
  • Safety Shield automatically covers needle tip upon needle withdrawal
  • Safety mechanism cannot be bypassed
  • Eliminates risk of inadvertent activation
  • Safety Shield stays in place through disposal

Availabel in various sizes.