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IV Cannula Protectiv Plus 24G

$178.23 inc. GST
SKU QML1104/24G
The PROTECTIV® and PROTECTIV® PLUS Safety I. V. Catheters pioneered the movement to innovative safety design that protect the healthcare worker from the risks associated with accidental needlestick injuries. For more than a decade, PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheters have been the trusted choice of healthcare professionals.

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Compatible with customary technique
Documented results proven to reduce accidental needlesticks
Universal color coded to indicate catheter gauge at a glance
Designed to resist accidental activation with you in control
Safely encases the needle as the catheter is advanced
Patented needle gasket designed to minimise blood exposure
Choice of catheter biomaterials — OCRILON® polyurethane and FEP polymer
Choice of needlepoint and hub design eases your transition to safety

Available in various sizes and colours.

14G - Orange
16G - Gray
18G - Green
20G - Pink
22G - Blue
24G - Yellow