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Neann Intensive Care Drug Bag Only - Yellow


Neann Intensive Care Drug Bag.


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  • Compatible with the NEANN PRK kit (fits in front pocket),
  • Made using reinforced antimicrobial EnvironFrei fabric, providing increased durability, ease of cleaning and improved infection controls by minimizing cross-contamination,
  • Full range of IV Access equipment,
  • IV Access gear set up in order of use for insert of IV,
  • Stores large range and number of drugs,
  • Unique drug labelling system for easy identification of drugs,
  • Removable drug & IV Cannula loops to allow for changing drugs or customised layouts,
  • Layout guide to assist in checking and restocking kit,
  • Heavy duty lockable zip allowing good access to the interior with security,
  • Yellow zip pull tab extension allowing ease of grab whilst wearing gloves,
  • Use of highly reflective tape to provide high visibility in low light conditions, and


Dimensions: Length 48.0 cm x Width 21.50 cm x Height 10.0 cm.

Compatible with the AEK or V Series TEK Kits.

**Images are indicative only**