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Pen Needle Insulin 30G x 5mm Autoshield

$246.23 inc. GST
SKU QMBD329505

The BD AutoShield Duo pen needle is compatible with leading diabetes medication pens and features patented automatic dual-protection shields on both ends of the needle to help prevent needlestick exposure and injury during injection and disposal.

By delivering subcutaneous injections, the 5-mm pen needle helps reduce the risk of intramuscular (IM) injections that can increase the risk of hypoglycemia in patients, regardless of their body mass index (BMI).

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The thin wall technology used in BD needles allows them to retain their extremely fine external dimensions combined with a wider inner diameter to improve insulin flow rate while requiring less force. Since the BD AutoShield Duo pen needle does not require a pinch-up technique, the risk of needlestick injury during injection may be reduced.

100 pack of BD AutoShield Duo Safety Pen Needle 5mm

QMBD329505 - Box 100