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Russell Pneumofix 8 Chest Decompression 8cm 14G

$91.30 inc. GST

The Russell PneumoFix®-8 is a sterile decompression needle composed of a veress-tipped needle inserted through an 8cm catheter, with a low-pressure release valve. The veress tip and indicator device assist with the safe insertion with a minimal risk of injuring the underlying lung, whilst the low-pressure release valve permits the release of tension pneumothorax with minimal potential of subsequent air re-entry.

The Russell PneumoFix®-8 is composed of a stainless steel veress-tipped needle with a Tecoflex Polyurethane catheter. The catheter contains barium sulphate (20%) which enables the catheter to be visible during X-ray.

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  • A syringe can be attached to the female luer connector of the Veress needle.
  • Provided sterile.
  • Graduated markings and X-ray detectable catheter for depth recording and accurate localisation at hospital.
  • 14-Gauge catheter allows for rapid venting of air in tension pneumothorax.

Pack Dimensions 22.50cm x 4.60cm