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Smartsite Needle Free Valve Port

$452.60 inc. GST

Smartsite Needle Free Valve Bung. 

Our award-winning SmartSite needle-free valve is one of the most widely used in the world earning its reputation as a proven, reliable system. An estimated 600,000 to one million needlestick injuries to healthcare workers occur every year. Job-related needlesticks can lead to serious or potentially fatal infections from bloodborne pathogens. The SmartSite needle-free valve helps to protect your staff from potential and harmful injuries.

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  • Flat, smooth top: easy-to-swab
  • Straight-through, non-tortuous fluid path: reduces the risk of hemolysis
  • Needle-free: reduces needlestick injuries
  • Passive system: increases compliance and eliminates the need for caps and cannulas
  • High chemical compatibility and lipid resistant: suitable for use with a wide variety of drugs
  • Metal free: can be used in MRI
  • DEHP-free: suitable for neonates, paediatrics and adults
  • Latex-free: eliminates potential for latex sensitivity

Availiable in Box 100 or Eaches.