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Surgical Clippers 3M - Kit Incl Charger No Blades

$375.42 inc. GST

Pre-operative hair removal using 3M™Surgical Clippers offers you many benefits over razors. These include a higher quality of care and improved comfort for your patients.
Lower infection rates could also save your hospital money.

A preferred method of hair removal to reduce the risk of surgical site infection.
Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals when pre-op hair removal is necessary and incorporates features identified as providing value.

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  • Unique pivot head conforms to body contours.
  • Pivoting blade conforms to body contours, skin folds and creases.
  • Away-from-the-skin cutting blade minimizes potential for nicks or cuts.
  • Has a nick rate of <1%, compared with other clippers' higher nick rates.
  • Accommodates flat and angled clipping styles.
  • Cuts through all types of head and body hair in a single pass.
  • Clean by rinsing or wiping with disinfectant.

Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Clipper unit with pivoting head
1 x Charging Base