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Traction Splint Adult - CT-7

$465.39 inc. GST

CT-7 Leg Traction Splint - The Next Generation Leg Kit

The CT-7 femoral traction splint has been simplified by removing straps, velcro and all loose ends. It has a smaller footprint and no longer extends beyond the patient’s foot.

It has been made more rigid and indestructible with thicker carbon tubes. The traction mechanism is easy, fast and precise by utilizing an acme threaded polycarbonate rod system.

Key Improvements:

  • No longer extends beyond the patienmts foot
  • Simplified layout 
  • Less velcro
  • Compact & lighter 
  • Applied in under 30 seconds
  • Easier to repack, uses new tactical bag

- +

  • Carbon Fiber Tubing: Corrosion resistant, temperature stabile, extremely high strength to weight ratio, x- ray translucent.
  • 4:1 Purchase Traction System: makes it easy to apply ample traction for even the largest patient. The V- Jam cleat makes it easy to readjust traction, key in long transport situations. Includes safety clip to prevent accidental releases.
  • Application: The CT-7 comes out of the bag ready to go; all of the necessary parts are attached to the splint. There is no way to lose pieces, resulting in very fast application times.
  • Instruction Manual: Each splint comes with its own “quick reference” two sided instruction manual that is water proof and tear resistant.

Weight : 450g

Materials : Carbon tubing, nylon & elastic webbing.

Dimensions : 3.48cm x 10.16cm x 10.16cm

Colours: Black, Orange (straps)