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Trop-T Sensitive Rapid Assay 10 Test Pkt 10 C/Chain

$392.99 inc. GST
SKU LKAMAROC11621904193

This product is a high quality immunological rapid test for the specific detection of cardiac troponin T in whole blood.

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  • Rapid test based on an immunological reaction
  • 150ul anti coagulated venous whole blood sample material
  • 15-20 minute reading time
  • Handy and small
  • Pkt of 10 tests in sealed bags with disiccant, dosing aids, documentation and labels

  • Detection = Qualitative detection of troponin in ­anticoagulated (EDTA or heparin) venous whole blood2
  • Reaction time = 15 min
  • Results = Positive result from a threshold (cut-off) of 100 ng/L
  • Storage = Storage at 2–8° C (refrigerator)
  • At room temperature (15‑25 °C), the unopened pouch is stable for up to 4 weeks but not beyond the expiration date.
  • Test can be used immediately after ­ removal from the refrigerator

Pkt 10