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Vasofix IV Safety Cannula

$4.99 inc. GST
SKU QMBB4269179S-03

Vasofix® Safety is a peripheral IV catheter with an injection port and a passive fully automatic needlestick protection. The single-use device is intended to generate intravascular access to sample blood, administer fluids/medication and blood/blood products intravenously.

The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Vasofix® Safety can be used for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

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  • Universal Back Cut Bevel – Allows for a wide choice of insertion angles and is designed for minimal puncture trauma
  • Radiopaque Stripes - For a good visibility of the catheter capillary under X-Ray.
  • IV catheter material available in PUR and FEP – PUR for a softer and more comfortable indwelling performance, FEP as alternative firmer material
  • Fixation Wings – Stabilization helps to reduce catheter movement and related complications
  • Injection Port – Allows for quick injection without interruption of infusion
  • Not made with DEHP, Latex/Natural Rubber, PVC

16G - Grey 

20G - Pink

22G - Blue